Marion Jollès had emergency surgery: Romain Grosjean’s wife shares her misadventure on Instagram

A new life has begun for Romain Grosjean, Marion Jollès and their three little ones who moved to the United States so that the driver could continue to live from his passion for motorsport after his terrible accident in Formula 1. But, this May 6, it is the former journalist who was left for a little scare.

It is easy to understand why Marion Jollès fears hospital visits. On November 29, 2020, the former TF1 journalist was facing the longest 28 seconds of her life, the time during which her companion, Romain Grosjean, lived through hell in his fiery racing car before being able to escape. extricate it. From this miracle, followed a long convalescence with several passages on the operating table since the blaze did not spare the hands of the former driver of the Haas team. This painful memory now belongs to the past, just like the career of the Franco-Swiss in Formula 1, and it is more in love than ever that the two lovebirds rebuild themselves across the Atlantic with their three children.

The smile despite everything

In Miami, the couple lives again without denying the passion of the Indycar champion for motorsport. Marion Jollès continues to follow her man on the American circuits and generally appreciates this road-trip in the country of Uncle Sam. Happy in love, alongside “his ram of April 17”, and their three little ones, she is not immune to the first glitch that comes along. This Friday, May 6, the former presenter ofAuto Moto discovered the joys of the local social security system, because of a bad wisdom tooth. She thus spun to the hospital to have this third molar extracted, generally bursting in adolescence. However, the pretty brunette has just blown out her 40 candles. “Does that mean that the older I get, the less wise I am”, wondered on Instagram the one who tries somehow to keep smiling. Because, to honor her darling and her terrible past, she will learn to grit her teeth.