Marion Rousse au naturel: the young mother strikes a pose with her adorable little boy

Saturday August 6, 2022, Marion Rousse posted several photographs of her vacation on her Instagram account. Blooming alongside her son, Nino, the sportswoman appears simply radiant.

Julian Alaphilippe and Marion Rousse are not the type to rest on their laurels. One of the best cyclists in the world wanted to participate in many sports competitions this year. Unfortunately, he was stopped in the middle of the climb a few weeks before the Tour de France. The cyclist was indeed injured, enough to be exempted from Tour. A very difficult decision to take for the athlete, as for his companion, Marion Rousse. The sports commentator and high-level cyclist knows the many sacrifices made by his companion to reach his level. Throughout the Tour de France, Marion Rousse did not hesitate to pay the most beautiful tributes to her companion and father of her son, who had to stay at home. For her part, the cyclist did not stop at the commentary of the Grande Boucle. Director of the very first edition of the Women’s Tour de Franceshe encouraged sportswomen with pride.

Marion Rousse, a fulfilling mother

Career paths that have something to offer make their son, Nino proud. Born in June 2021, the little boy is not yet aware of the fame of his parents. But one thing is certain: when they are togethernothing matters more than their boy. While the holidays are in full swing, Marion Rousse and Julian Alaphilippe enjoy every moment spent with Nino. The adorable blond head also seems to be enjoying every moment with her parents.

all smiles, Nino regularly strikes a pose alongside his mother who is full of clichés and other memories of these holidays so beneficial for his lovely family. On August 6, 2022, Marion Rousse published a series of photos where she appears natural. Radiant, she is focused on Nino. Mother and son look happy. “Our little nugget of love“, she wrote in the caption. Enough to confirm that Nino is indeed their greatest victory.