Marisol Terrazas surprises in Alfredo Olivas’ show in Tepic

One of the singers who have caused the most stir in recent days has been Marisol Terraceswho has now debuted as a soloist and left Horoscopos de Durango behind, for which he is once again all the rage now because completely took over the Alfredito Olivas show in Tepic, Nayarit.

And it is that the famous Mexican regional singer decided to surprise his audience by inviting Marisol Terrazas to take a pigeon, former vocalist of Los Horóscopos already Julian AlvarezHowever, what he did not count on is that they would end up taking over the show.

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It is through social networks that the interpreters appeared demonstrating the great talent they carry and how their coexistence is, even Alfredo Olivas He shared a video through his Insta Stories in which he appears sitting on a chair on one side of the ring, since both Marisol and Julión seemed unable to leave the microphone, so he gave them the show.

Before the pleasant reception of the present public, the spirits quickly heated up and the singer from Chiapas ended up partying too much, because in one of the videos it appears how the same staff had to help him walk when approaching Alfredito Olivas to give him a drink. he almost fell because he can barely walk.

So he took the opportunity to hug his fellow pitcher and Alfredito just thanked him while trying to continue singing.

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On the other hand, the ‘güera’ ex Horóscopos de Durango, showed that despite her departure from the group she continues to cause a stir among people, since she appeared for the first time as a soloist in the Tepic Bullring, and then went to take a pigeon in the palenque with Olivas.

From the moment you started to sing ‘Rather dead than simple’ the audience turned on and wouldn’t let the singer let go of the microphone, as with Julión, together they performed ‘Ya lo sé’ and the luckiest were the attendees who ended up taking a show by three great artists.

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