marital unforeseen for Damien and Pauline, the experts intervene

The issuance of Married at first sight is a great adventure. Indeed, the protagonists embark their whole family in an atypical marriage with a stranger. A hell of a challenge and a good dose of adrenaline before meeting your soul mate. But, when things don’t quite go to plan, the adrenaline rush is even higher. Pauline and Damien have just said “yes” to Gibraltar. The newlyweds were heading to the venue to have their wedding photo taken, but their car had a problem. Their guests will have to be patient to find them!

Married at first sight: the blow of the breakdown for Pauline and Damien!

Every Monday is the weekly meeting place for fans of Married at first sight. The last episodes, we left Pauline and Damien in their broken down car. Will they finally manage to take their wedding photos and join the party? Answer on Monday, May 9 on the channel M6.

A delay that worries the relatives of the Married at first sight

The guests are beginning to worry: Is it normal for it to take so long? asks one of the relatives. Indeed, experts from Married at first sight, Pascal de Sutters and Estelle Dossin, followed the misadventures of Pauline and Damien and explained to them what was happening. ” There is a first marital incident. Their car broke down (…) that actually explains this prolonged delay “, they specified to the families.

Pauline and Damien united in the vagaries of the program

Pauline and Damien put the situation into perspective. Finally, this mishap is the way to laugh about it and to weld a little more. It is indeed their first couple problem that he encounters and we wish them that it will not be the last. The handsome brunette Married at first sight confess: ” It’s a good way to get closer.” The 33-year-old liberal nurse has been on her little cloud since the discovery of her 37-year-old automotive sales consultant. ” With Damien, I feel serene. It’s tactile and I like that, because I do too. Can’t wait for us to go deeper, yeah “said Pauline during an interview. Estelle Dossin confirms that this unforeseen event which could have worsened the situation brought them closer.

The pretty brunette is under the spell of her husband in Married at first sight

We know that this marriage is very important for Pauline, but also for her parents who support her. There was a problem when Pauline’s relatives arrived at the ceremony site. Indeed, the mother, Paula, had had an anxiety attack just before meeting the in-laws. She had to regain her senses and her breath before continuing the adventure. Then, when everyone was settled and the young bride and groom together, Damien’s father interrupted the ceremony to make a nice statement to Pauline. ” I welcome you into our family, not as a patch, but as a daughter “said Didier, very moved. His gesture was greeted by all the assistance of Married at first sight.

Great audiences for the show

The last episode of Married at first sight this Monday, May 2, 2022 brought together 2.70 million viewers on the channel M6. The program comes in third place in terms of audiences behind the channel TF1 with the TV movie Handigang and the chain France 2 with Murders in paradise. If you didn’t know, the first channel movie is a whole new experience and life for Alessandra Sublet. Indeed, she left the world of animation to embark on a career as an actress.

One thing is certain, this market share is a historic record for viewers, 32% for women and 27% for those under 50. Case to follow in the next episode of Married at first sight on your screens next Monday!