Mariter Braschi | Maritere Braschi: “Credibility as such is a very undervalued word” Weekly Report | Interview | shows

Away from the political programs and the “crossfire” of the interviews and on social networks, Maritere Braschi has spoken with the media about the new format of ‘Weekly report’ which is now also broadcast on Saturdays, with news focused on gastronomy and tourism. “Social complaints, what is happening on a day-to-day basis, were very welcome, but we received many proposals from the provinces. We said why not make our own space for all this, which is the positive part, besides that it is to preserve customs, get to know each other in our different customs and even languages, geographies. I really love it, because I used to do it many years ago when I started on Sundays, at that time it was ‘Counterpoint’. We did a lot of that, bringing the provinces to the screen. Now it’s a bit of a pick up. I enjoy it very much”.