Marjan Shaki and Lukas Perman took in a Ukrainian family

Next Monday, the two, who are always committed to a good cause, will organize the big charity concert “Together for Ukraine” in Vienna’s Raimundtheater with musical colleagues. There are no more tickets for this, but you can go to the following day Stream the concert online for a donation.

They have also taken in a Ukrainian family. In their new home in the Vienna Woods there is now enough space for this, because the two actually wanted to help with the big refugee crisis in 2015. “Back then it was very difficult and we couldn’t do it, but this time, when we have a house, there are no excuses,” says Perman.

“So far the experience has been very nice, I have to say. Nice because you can do anything and not just sit in front of the TV and be powerless. Even if we all know that it is only a symptom treatment that does not attack the root at all, but we cannot influence that anyway,” he says. With all the tragedy, it was a great enrichment in family life.

“There is also a little boy with us and the children get along incredibly well. You notice that language is simply not a barrier, hearts also speak for themselves,” says Shaki.

“Of course you ask yourself, can you somehow handle all of this yourself? We have to be clear that we give people a kind of security, that they feel welcome here. And everything else is not in our power anyway. But I really want to emphasize that everyone has to decide for themselves whether they are in the phase of life that this is possible,” says Perman.

You can see more about the big charity concert and what your children have to do with Superman in the video above.