Marjorie de Sousa crowned one of the most beautiful celebrities

It is well known that Marjorie de Sousa is one of the most beautiful women in Latin American media, conquering millions of hearts with her elegance and attractive personality. This fact has not gone unnoticed by the media, reaching the ranking of the 50 most beautiful celebrities made by the magazine People.

The achievement was very well received by the actress, who was sharing the news with her fans through social networks in a series of Instagram posts and stories. In them she can be seen on the pages of the famous magazine, one of the most recent photo sessions of which she has already published some images of her is shown.

Fans who have been following her for some time will know that about a month ago Marjorie deSousa He was posing for the camera in a special black outfit, flaunting not only his good fashion sense, but also his heart-stopping legs.

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The look consisted of a black leotard that simulates having a blazer of the same color over it, which is held by a belt with gold chain applications. In addition, the makeup in neutral tones with the bright red lips reminded us of the divas of the classic cinema of the fifties.

Marjorie de Sousa crowned one of the most beautiful celebrities. Source: Instagram

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Marjorie deSousa offered a brief interview for the magazine Peoplein which she mentions that although she has had to play many roles throughout her vast career as an actress, the role she considers the most important in her life is the one she has played every day for five years, being the mother of her little one son Matthias.

“Having my teacher/son is the most beautiful gift and the most difficult and wonderful university in which I have had to learn. I love being his mother and sharing every second with him. Seeing his development, being there every moment of his life, to me is to complete myself as a woman,” confessed the 42-year-old woman.

She was also talking about her artistic career today, the blonde pointed out that she is in one of her best moments and that professional growth is in one of the most important places in her life. She expressed the desire to work in other countries such as Spain, Brazil and Argentina, where soap operas also have a strong impact.

About the recordings of the ‘El Conde’ series, Marjorie deSousa He mentioned that they go very well and that without a doubt he will keep our country with great affection. “Mexico is and will be very important to me. It is Latin Hollywood, but working in Spain, Brazil [y] I would love Argentina,” he told the interviewer.

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