Marjorie de Sousa declares about Julián Gil: “Nobody has any idea”

“No one has any idea of ​​the storm that one is experiencing,” were the words of actress Marjorie de Sousa during a recent interview on the “La Mesa Caliente” program, where she was questioned about her process in court with Julián Gil.

And it is that for several years the Venezuelan artist has been in a legal dispute with the also actor for the custody of his 6-year-old son Matías. During a conversation in which she talked about her New Year’s dinner, she revealed more details of their tense relationship.

“I am very well accompanied with my son, I do not let him go, where I can move and I can take him, he goes with me. With my family, thank God, if we can be together and with everyone, it was a long process, but I can put them together now”, were the words of marjorie desousa.

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Marjorie de Sousa declares about Julián Gil: “Nobody has any idea”. Source: Instagram

Later he was asked about how he feels after so many years of contention, to which he was responding: “I think that you vibrate that, you feel the person, and the truth is that I feel very calm, thank God, to be able to feel this calm, despite anything”.

I repeat, no one has any idea of ​​the storm one is experiencing, and even more so when you say absolutely nothing, I prefer to stay that way, time will speak, I know it perfectly,” he continued explaining later.

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