Marjorie de Sousa from the sea, everyone would like to count her freckles

Beautiful! This is how the beautiful actress Marjorie de Sousa looked from the beach, revealing the large number of freckles she has and that, unlike Lucerito’s song, they are not on her back.

The beauty Marjorie deSousa She decided to capture her beauty herself and very closely, all to keep her followers on social networks more than happy, who, of course, were amazed at the brief images.

The famous soap opera villain chose to tan her attractive figure in a small blue printed swimsuit, which left a lot of her skin and charms in view of her mobile and consequently of social networks.

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Marjorie de Sousa’s close-up shot showed the large number of freckles she has around the top of her pretty swimsuit, which thousands would surely be willing to count over and over again.


Marjorie de Sousa from the sea, everyone would like to count her freckles. Photo: Instagram.

This stunning woman complemented her beach trousseau with some chains, a very natural make-up and her relaxed blonde hair, as well as huge sunglasses and a hat.

In the video you can see how Marjorie deSousa he covers his face with his hat to later uncover it in front of the camera and zoom in on the rest of his imposing anatomy.

The star considered one of the most beautiful women in the show shared the short recording on her official Instagram feed 3 days ago and exceeded one hundred thousand reactions on the famous social network.

The followers of the soap opera star were quick to fill her with compliments and ensure that she looks as beautiful as ever, some highlighted how much they enjoy seeing her in her work as a villain of melodramas.

Marjorie has experienced her own real-life melodrama after separating from fellow actor Julián Gil and establishing a lawsuit over her son Julián, who has not lived with his father since the separation occurred and he was still a baby.

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