Marjorie de Sousa hits Miami with a transparent green dress

Marjorie de Sousa continues to impress her followers with incredible photos that she posts on her Instagram account, and recently showed up from Miami in an elegant green dress.

The Venezuelan chose this piece of design, transparent and low-cut, to make a photo production as part of a new work project, about which she has not yet given details. However, she told her followers that she is “preparing amazing things” together with her work team, which according to her, is “the best”.

This is not the first time that Julián Gil’s ex has taken this type of photo, since a few weeks ago he was in the same hotel in the city of Florida, although that time he wore a black set and the production was due to the celebrating his birthday.

The actress of the soap opera La Desalmada had said on that occasion that she was very happy to be able to be with her friends and family again (after the coronavirus pandemic) and told her fans: “Every time I go around the sun I decide to look up high and full of new goals without stopping dreaming.”

Marjorie’s followers assure her, in every post, that she is “beautifull” and in the entertainment world is “more relevant than ever”.