Marjorie de Sousa in mini clothes and boots seduced the camera

It seems that the only thing that was needed for the followers of Marjorie de Sousa to lose their sanity were the impressive high red boots that the actress was wearing during one of her photo sessions, which caused a series of consequences in the cardiac health of internauts.

Using a simple, but powerful black outfit, the Venezuelan captured everyone’s gaze on the entertainment platforms, taking the temperature to the maximum in the networks, as her enormous curves starred in one of the public’s favorite shows, giving the best views.

The outfit you wore Marjorie deSousa It was made up of a corset-style top with dark satin structured cups and black denim mini shorts, which exposed the full extent of her quite toned abdomen, the product of her constant efforts in the gym.

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She wore accessories following this line of the rebellious, such as the chain that hangs from the waistband of the shorts or the iconic shoe that hugs the leg to almost mid-thigh, fitting her like a second skin.

The 42-year-old blonde has made it very clear with all her publications that age is nothing more than a number that does not prevent her from trying new styles to reinvent herself whenever she wants, so the beautiful woman is a chameleon-like person who likes to experiment with all fashion trends.

Marjorie de Sousa in minis and boots seduced the camera. Source: Instagram

His fans were so delighted by the photo that they decided to show their support by leaving their reactions in the post, in addition to filling the comment box with beautiful messages of affection, witty compliments and a large number of heart emojis.

“I have always liked you, you are perfect Marjorie. I love you, a great actress and very beautiful, I admire you very much my love”, “Mar, I really like your way of being and the look you know you use, I love it, I always see your novels, I love you I send love from my Córdoba, Argentine Republic”, “Too perfect and more with those fit legs”, some fans wrote.

In addition to sharing with his beloved community of fans whom he calls “Sousticos”, Marjorie deSousa She also sends them the progress of her projects, whether personal or as an actress, strengthening their beautiful bond. For example, in a recent post made on Instagram stories, she announced that she had started filming a new novel.

This is the telenovela ‘El Conde’, which will be produced by Telemundo and will feature a first-rate cast, with the return of the actor Fernando Colungawho after a long time away from the small screen will be acting with Ana Brenda Contreras as protagonists.

You can see the photo here.

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