Marjorie de Sousa in skimpy swimsuit posed wet for fans

The famous soap opera actress is not only an expert on the small screen, Marjorie de Sousa showed that she also knows how to relax in a big way while maintaining a completely spectacular image in any situation she finds herself in. Her pictures also manage to make her fans raise the temperature by admiring the most interesting angles of her.

It was via his official Instagram account where he posted a photograph wearing few pieces of cloth, it was a very revealing swimsuit, which did not seem to bother him in the least because he offered his best angles before the lens without a hint of modesty, delighting happened to Internet users who came across the image.

She wore a gold-colored swimsuit held up by thin strips of yellow fabric, without fulfilling its function of covering her very effectively, since the sun managed to kiss every detail of the dangerous curves of her body. Marjorie deSousa. That was how his admirers lost every drop of moisture in their bodies, as he immediately made them sweat.

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Marjorie de Sousa in a skimpy swimsuit posed wet for fans. Source: Instagram

In different parts of her body, the beautiful Venezuelan was adorned with drops of water, which added a fresh and summery atmosphere to her image. In addition, her smile did not leave her features, illuminating everyone with the white teeth that she hides under her fleshy lips.


The publication showed that its attractions break borders, conquering the entire continent. It reached the figure of 131 thousand likes in addition to thousands of comments flattering it in an ingenious way with compliments and phrases of complete devotion. Another thing that she featured was the sentence at the bottom of the post where she wrote a small reflection about the attitude that she maintains to face life.

Well with this it’s Friday!!! It goes hand in hand with the sun, the beach, infinite love, nature, pure air, without bad vibes, “he said.

Without a doubt, there are no two like her, because at 42 years of age she enjoys a privileged life in the company of her son and her partner. Which fill each of her weeks with love and joy.

She has also been receiving recognition for her hard work as an actress, as well Marjorie deSousa received an important award from the Florida government on April 27, a celebration in which she thanked her fans who support her in all her projects, as well as making an honorable mention for her production team.

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