Marjorie de Sousa is criticized when talking about her motherhood

It seems that it is already customary among users of social networks to question all the decisions that actress Marjorie de Sousa makes in her maternity, now placing her on target after revealing her difficulties.

There is nothing impossible in life… you can put up with whatever, now that I’m a mom I fully understand that you can put up with whatever,” the celebrity began.

In the recent interview he offered for the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, marjorie desousa He continued expressing: “No matter how much your soul is beaten and how much your legs are broken, even with fractures, with a cut foot, with blood, you keep walking and for him you give your life.”

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Marjorie de Sousa receives criticism after talking about her motherhood. Source: Instagram

As expected, the soap opera star was once again accused of being a bad mother for not allowing Julian Gil, father of his son Matías, living with the 6-year-old boy. However, in the same conversation, she stated:

I repeat, no one has any idea of ​​the storm one is experiencing, and even more so when you say absolutely nothing, I prefer to stay that way, time will speak, I know it perfectly, “he said, anticipating the bad comments

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