Marjorie de Sousa left her fans breathless by posing without a blouse

The beautiful Venezuelan actress Marjorie de Sousa knows that “she is as she wants”, that is why she did not hesitate to share a photograph where she revealed more than expected, leaving her followers with their mouths open from the impression. For the successful woman, the years are just a number, as they do not represent any change in her beauty.

The photo was shared with her more than 8 million 300 thousand followers that she has on the little camera social network, who loved being able to appreciate in great detail the unusual beauty of the favorite soap opera villain. It is not for nothing that she is considered one of the most beautiful interpreters within the national show business.

The look chosen for this occasion consisted of a light blue denim blazer, which is quite reminiscent of those worn during the 2000s, combined with a white mini skirt. Nevertheless under the main garment he did not wear any otherleaving some parts of his torso free.

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A single button was the one that holds all the parts of the blazer together, in such a way that it does not reveal more than what is allowed. One of the details that most pleases its fans are the numerous freckles dotted across the expanse of her milky skininviting them to be counted one by one as if it were a night sky full of stars.

Marjorie de Sousa left her fans breathless by posing without a blouse. Source: Instagram


As always, her hair looks perfectly combed running to the sides of her face in large locks. Without needing too much grooming, her face looked almost natural with simple makeup in neutral colors.

With one of his customary phrases, Marjorie deSousa He shared his feelings, although the words were few, they conveyed with certainty his way of facing life.

Give thanks and keep shining,” he wrote.

The Venezuelan’s followers on her official Instagram account praised her beauty: “Beautiful”, “My crush”, “How beautiful”, “Always so beautiful and beautiful”, “The most beautiful in my country VENEZUELA”, “Divine radiant “were some of the comments.

The impact she causes with each publication is the result of her hard work in the artistic medium, developing as an actress, giving life to unforgettable villains on the Mexican small screen.

Marjorie deSousa She has been the center of attention for her excellent participation in the novel “La Desalmada”, where she stands out thanks to her great performance as “Julia Torreblanca”. This character is part of the great roles that she has played throughout her career.

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