Marjorie de Sousa proudly revealed her marital status, “happier”

After spending long years in a constant dispute with his former partner Julian Gil, it seems that the gray clouds have left your life forever giving way to better moments full of light and joy. This is how the beautiful Marjorie de Sousa manifested herself through a video clip posted on her social networks.

It is about a few seconds where she is quite relaxed in her car returning from a workout at the gym. Even with her sports outfit on and a rather carefree ponytail of hers, her characteristic beauty stood out from her, making many of her followers fall in love.

Between smiles, he joined the tiktok trend where the audio asks Marjorie deSousa what is the marital status and she answers full of security with a great sense of humor. Among some of the things that she mentions about herself she commented that she is better than ever, showing that she has fully recovered from her problems in her past.

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Prettier, less pen *** and happier “, were his words.

Marjorie de Sousa proudly revealed her marital status, “happier.” Source: Instagram


The publication was well received by his 8 million 300 thousand followers who were soon very happy with his good emotional state, filling his notification tray with thousands of likes. Of course, the affectionate comments were also present with heart emojis and tender words.

“More beautiful yes you are beautiful, you are precious greetings from Nicaragua”, “You are a beauty”, “Your best moment my friend”, “Most beautiful and sweet in the world !!!”, “You are divine my sweetheart”, “I love This woman is the most beautiful thing that Venezuela gave birth to,” were some of the comments from her admirers.

Just as happiness is a choice, living under pressure is also a choice,” one of her fans wrote.

His break with Julián Gil was not easy at all, it was full of great scandals around both of them. Despite having been one of the most stable couples in the entertainment world, both actors reached the expiration date of their relationship shortly after the birth of their little son.

At the beginning of the separation, it seemed that the process would be calm, because even the Venezuelan expressed that he still wanted to be a human being. Marjorie deSousa. But his wonderful love story would end in court thanks to the accusations by the actress of “La Desalmada”, who claimed that Gil was hiding violent attitudes.