Marjorie de Sousa shares beautiful selfie, “spectacular hottie”

“Spectacular hottie”, that’s how actress Marjorie de Sousa was nicknamed after she published a lovely selfie enjoying a moment of relaxation by the pool, in which she showed off her charms from a high angle, allowing a different view of her most appreciated curves.

On this occasion, the beautiful celebrity brought her followers a very nice photograph, in which she posed in her most natural state. The image was shared on her accounts on social networks, where she dazzled her 8 million 500 thousand followers, who began to sweat until the last drop of liquid in her body.

Being true to her feminine and flirtatious style, Marjorie deSousa She wore a pink beach suit combined with light blue denim shorts, with which she spent homework sunbathing, lying on a towel. And it is that summer is here, so the actress decided to take advantage of the weather in Miami and dedicate herself to leaving stress behind.

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To complement the outfit, she decided to wear a set of necklaces, jewelry made of a mixture of gold and silver, forming chains of different thicknesses and lengths that appropriately adorned her look.

As the Venezuelan is aware that protecting her skin from the sun’s rays is important to preserve young and beautiful skin, she chose to wear a black cap and mirror-effect sunglasses in a blue hue, setting a good example of looking after for your health.

Marjorie de Sousa shares beautiful selfie, “spectacular hottie”. Source: Instagram

One of the details that fans of the soap opera villain most like are her freckles, which are spread throughout her body, covering every inch with beautiful brown dots, similar to the starry sky. She fits the lyrics of the song ‘Cuéntame las freckles de la back’ perfectly.

Marjorie deSousa She has proven to be more and more healed in her heart after going through some very dark times for many years, so she constantly shares motivational messages that not only strengthen her, but also her followers.

Live your life !!!”, he wrote at the bottom of the photo.

And it is that after the hard separation from her ex-husband, Julian Gil, with whom she has a 5-year-old son, faced the judgment of the public, being attacked for her decisions. However, the Venezuelan has struggled to regain her inner peace, and even she has allowed herself to find love and happiness again with her new boyfriend.

Marjorie deSousa She always shares her most pleasant moments with her fans, because she wants to connect with them to thank them every day for helping her to be at the top of what she enjoys today. She even gave them a name that distinguishes them: “sousticos”.

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