Marjorie de Sousa takes the “forbidden steps” and falls in love with fans

It seems that Marjorie de Sousa’s talents are not limited to those she has shown as a soap opera actress, because through her official Instagram account she shared a video in which she is seen dancing like a professional, getting her followers infected of the good attitude of a weekend of fun.

One of the favorite activities of the Venezuelan celebrity is dance, which she practices regularly either as part of her exercise routines or as a method to relax after an intense load of activities on set. In general, the famous interpreter likes urban genres such as reggaeton or trap.

His fans on social networks were able to enjoy each of his movements in the clip of almost a minute that he posted on the social network of the little camera, during the seconds that he could be admired he showed great skills to follow the rhythm of the music , in addition to showing off his good physical condition.

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Marjorie deSousa She is one of the most beautiful women on television, enjoying an impressive figure at the age of 42, all thanks to the special interest she takes in taking care of her health by cultivating good eating habits.

Marjorie de Sousa takes the “forbidden steps” and falls in love with fans. Source: Instagram

Click here to see the clip.

In recognition of her attractiveness, the actress and mom, Marjorie deSousawas named in the first places of the ranking 50 of the most beautiful celebrities made by People magazine for its June edition, in which it was emphasized not only in its external attributes but also in all those challenges that it assumes day after day with complete success.

The actress of ‘El Conde’ not only posed for the cameras of the prestigious communication medium, she also offered a brief interview where she told how she is inside and outside her artistic life. She also mentioned that despite having played a wide variety of roles throughout her life, the role that she considers the most important is the one that she has played every moment for five years, being the mother of the she son of her Matías.

About your current projects on the small screen, Marjorie deSousa He said that he is in a moment of growth and exploration of other types of productions, since he has begun to record a television series. “Mexico is and will be very important to me. It is Latin Hollywood, but I would love to work in Spain, Brazil and Argentina,” she told the interviewer.

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