Marjorie de Sousa wore more than expected with the zipper down

“She who dresses in yellow, trusts in her beauty”, in an impressive photo shoot Marjorie de Sousa was embodying this well-known saying, as she wasted beauty in each of the images modeling an interesting yellow outfit that highlighted her best curves and left see their fans more skin than expected.

Playing with the imagination of her followers on the entertainment platform Instagram, the Venezuelan posed for the cameras wearing an industrial-style overalls made of waterproof fabric, which had coquettish black details and a series of ribbons to mold the fabric to her curvaceous silhouette.

In order to lift a few lines more the intensity of the look, Marjorie deSousa She chose to lower the front closure of the jumpsuit to a few inches above her navel and let the viewer’s eyes carefully trace each of the freckles that adorn the smooth skin of her torso, like stars in the night sky.

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Even his fans could see a small nod to his black underwear and the temporary tattoo that he wore in the center of his chest, so that the look escalated to a rebellious aesthetic. In conjunction with the dramatic makeup that the actress wanted to experience, her entire outfit managed to create a strong impact on her fans.

Marjorie de Sousa posed sure of her beauty in a yellow outfit. Source: Instagram

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The photograph was shared through a fan page, which has the objective of gathering the best photographs of Marjorie deSousa throughout his career, from the oldest to those belonging to sessions taken today, reliving fragments of his life from time to time to refresh the memory of these events.

Through her official Instagram account, the Latin celebrity not only publishes her best moments, but also those that are not so sweet and pleasant that appear in her life as evidence of strength and courage. For example, in recent days she was firing her colleague and friend Susana Dosamantes.

The unfortunate loss took place on July 2, 2022 after she suffered the consequences of a complicated fight against pancreatic cancer, leading her to lose her life at the age of 74 in a Miami hospital. The event was announced by his daughter Pauline Rubio on his Twitter account.

In a few minutes, his closest friends began to offer their condolences to their relatives, including Marjorie deSousa who wrote a moving paragraph expressing his feelings. “Thank you for your advice, for your being, for everything you gave with your magical presence. You were a beautiful teacher for many of us, you were and will continue to be the sun for your beautiful family,” were her words.

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