Mark Forster in the video call: If he had paid attention to the background

Mark Forster joins the Zoom meeting: what is he hiding in the background?

08/12/2022 at 18:26

Mark Forster: The pop star with the kepi

Mark Forster: The pop star with the kepi

He is one of the most successful German musicians of recent years: Mark Forster.

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Mark Forster is one of the most successful singers in the country. With titles like “Au revoir” or “Choirs” the Palatinate became a star.

But even an experienced media professional like Mark Forster can forget something in the heat of the moment. The important thing is that you can laugh at yourself. And Mark Forster is quite capable of that.

Mark Forster gives video interviews – you can see THAT in the background

What happened? Mark Forster had scheduled some video interviews for the morning. And since the singer is currently on tour, the conversations are being conducted via zoom from the hotel room.


Three facts too Mark Forster:

  • His mother is from Poland and calls him Marek
  • In 2012 he released his first single “Auf dem Weg” and his debut album “Karton”
  • He has been a coach on “The Voice of Germany” since 2017 – in the offshoot “The Voice Kids” he was a member of the jury alongside Lena Meyer-Landrut


It’s just stupid that it’s usually difficult to hide messes in hotels. An unmade bed, for example. That’s exactly what you saw in the pictures that Mark Forster later wanted to post on Instagram.

Mark Forster undecided: “Do I have to make the bed because of Zoom?”

The 39-year-old had even asked his fans for advice beforehand. “Do I have to make the bed because of Zoom?” He asked his fans.

Well, it probably wasn’t that bad. There were no other surprises hidden in the unmade bed. And if it did, Mark Forster would have hidden it very well. And the interviewees hadn’t noticed anything either, as Mark proudly reported after the talks. “No one noticed,” the singer laughed mischievously.


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