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The world of technology is characterized by being in constant evolution. Currently there is a whole universe of jobs with specific profiles that did not exist decades ago, so listening to modern references is the key to success in the industry.

One of the greatest references, which marked the course of online social interaction, is mark zuckerberg. The creation of Facebook in 2004, now known as Goalushered in the realm of social media, with which we are all too familiar.

In a talk on Lex Fridman’s podcast, Mark Zuckerberg assured that in the future of young people there is a labor tool that stands out above the others: the creative economy. Machines, while ideal for automation and algorithms, do not possess the creativity of a human being.


“Part of what I think is going to be great about the creative economy and the metaverse is that a lot more people are going to go to work doing more inventive things than I think today we would just consider traditional work or service,” he said.

For Zuckerberg, the motivation of young people who want to venture into the technology industry is important, so he shared the advice he gives his daughters. First, “You have to focus more on social relationships than on a specific job objective” said the CEO of Meta.

“The first thing is health, staying in good shape. Second, friends and family, having time for these relationships is perhaps the most important thing in the world.”

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Another of his tips is to boost the imaginative capacity of children and enhance it over time. “All children are artists. However, the tricky part is making it easier for them to develop that quality during their growth stages,” Zuckerberg said.

Finally, one of his recommendations to create a proactive and stable work environment is to never hire someone with whom he himself did not see himself working. In this way, the work team shares a vision and a set of values ​​that will help achieve the company’s objectives. (I)