Marlene Favela showed how to wear a floral dress in winter: she taught style | Famous

Marlene Favela She is one of those spoiled by the soap opera-loving public, throughout 2021 she had a great ‘statement’ when it came to dressing, she conquered her followers on the networks and reached more audiences.

The celebrity rose to fame in 2002 thanks to the role he had in the melodrama Gata Salvaje, in addition to Rubí (2004) and years later in The Heartless (2019).

Marlene is very spoiled by her 5.2 million followers on Instagram, she is used to sharing aspects of her private life such as the places she frequents, the vacations she takes, moments with her little daughter Bella and what to say about the looks she uses, each one of them is a way of expression.

Marlene Favela and the floral print look that conquered the Internet

The actress shared two publications, which she accompanied with the phrases: “Have an incredible week” and “2022 and Me!”.

In the most recent publication of the Mexican, she posed with a flower design that consisted of an opening in the back, a v-neckline, sleeves above the elbows, and also had a cut in the waist that revealed the silhouette of the famous

As for the hair, Marlene used soft waves that reached the height of the bustFor makeup, she decided to put on nude lip gloss, extremely light foundation, brown shadows, blush, a touch of highlighter on the cheeks and tip of the nose, finally she framed her eyes with mascara and black eyeliner.

Of course the accessories couldn’t be left at home, so she added a huge golden bracelet on her hand.

Once the image was published, the celebrity’s followers filled the post with hearts and comments.

“Queen”, “She is extremely pretty”, “Beautiful photo and that dress looks great on you”, “You are inspiration, have a great week for you. I love seeing you through your stories and showing off your spectacular figure”, “Gorgeous, like every day”.

Marlene Favela confessed how she deals with her daughter Bella’s “tantrums”

During an interview after leaving Televisa, Marlene reported that her daughter has already entered the stage of “tantrums” and stated how it has gone in that regard.

“Oh Bella, Bella growing up, super naughty. She’s so in love with playing and going to school. Now Bella wants something and if you don’t give it to her, she’ll make a fuss.”

Given the situation of the little girl’s discomfort, this is how Marlene reacts and faces these episodes.

“You have to teach her little by little that not everything can be given to her when she wants it.”