Marlene Favela shows the correct way to wear plastic boots

The soap opera actress shows off her charms with beautiful outfits on a daily basis, and on this occasion she showed the ideal outfit to look beautiful in rainy days and that it is not an excuse to wear clothes that make you lose your glamor and affect your image.

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Marlene Favela is one of the most beautiful women in the mexican television and social networks, so today she dazzled by posing with the ideal outfit for rainy days, which consisted of a knitted sweater in various shades of coffee, which she combined with a scarf.

Two garments that will keep your body warm. To this outfit he also added a brown corduroy pants that surely highlights his silhouette, since it is intubated. But without a doubt, the star element of this outfit were her plastic boots, a basic shoe that should not be missing in your closet.

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You can find them in various models in many stores, so if you do not have a pair of these, run and buy them. For this outfit, she chose to wear her hair loose and wavy, while her make-up included a black eyeliner and nude lips, she always chooses to look very natural.

Immediately, her followers began to fill the section with many compliments and hearts, always highlighting how beautiful she looks in any outfit, in addition to her good taste in clothing, the hearts They were not lacking either, it shows that they adore her.

Until today it has been the only thing that the actress has shared on her social networks, from her long blue dress she had not published outfits, although what she did share were photographs with the two personalities from the show who just passed away.

the talented driver Fernando del Solar and the famous actress Susana Dosamantes, very pretty, dedicated a beautiful messenger to them, always so pretty and attentive to her loved ones. We will keep you informed of any developments that arise in the coming days.

So don’t forget to follow her on social networks so you don’t miss any details about her life or outfits that she carries, always being so talented and successful, without forgetting that she later launches promotions for her cosmetic line, especially her lipsticks, so keep an eye out.

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