Marlene Favela’s daughter becomes Santa Claus and distributes gifts

Marlene Favela’s daughter overflows with tenderness when she becomes Santa Claus and distributes gifts. Instagram Special

Through a video that is already a trend, Marlene Favela showed off her daughter Bella Seely Favela being at his young age Santa Claus, since he gave several gifts to children, and not only that, he dazzled with his charisma and simplicity at all times.

Bella Seely Favela is already a celebrity like her mother’s talent, so this time she was the protagonist of a emotional video in which he interacts with different children, babies and older people, an action that sparked comments full of love.

“It’s beautiful to see how mommy teaches you to be a great human being. A million blessings for you and your mommy ”,“ Your mommy is teaching you to do things very well princess ”,“ Awwwwe is fascinated by the smiling girl that is Bella, she is a beautiful girl, may she always be just as kind ”

Although also negative, some users stressed that posting this video is humiliation for the little ones“That is a nice detail and something that will greatly enrich your beautiful girl; however, I have always considered it a humiliation to be recorded. I would publish if I were the mother of one of those children, I would never allow it. They lost that they do not give us gifts. any”

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Marlene Favela criticized for pampering her little girl

Previously, Marlene Favela decided to share a video of how her princess experienced the arrival of santa clausalthough her reaction was not as expected and many users gave their point of view on the matter, concluding that the actress is extremely spoiled.

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“I think that since she was born she has been surrounded by everything that is the same and she neither needs it nor is she excited about it”, “Wowow, so many gifts for a girl and so many boys that not even one is given to her”, “haha, she doesn’t even get excited, with everything that he has or enjoys it”, “It seems that his mother gets more excited”

immediately a follower came out in defense of the actress and labeled as envious those who went against a three-year-old girl, “Everyone gives their children what they deserve. Neither Marlene nor Bella are to blame that you can’t buy gifts like this. Learn to respect and more a little angel that is growing and her mommy wants to create unique moments ”

The actress obviously has not spoken about it, although it is not the first time that they criticize her princess, but mainly her, since they think that she does not let her live like a normal girl, at three years old she is already a celebrity in networks social.

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