Married at first sight: but why are marriages celebrated in Gibraltar and no longer in France?

Season 6 of “Married at First Sight” has just started. After making a splash on M6 with multiple twists, the show made a comeback on Monday, March 21. A colorful program with atypical profiles, unions, but also disputes, and perhaps the great love story for some. However, this year, a big change has taken place, weddings are done abroad!

Since the creation of the show, the unions took place at the town hall of Grans, a town in the Bouches-du-Rhône. This year, the production wanted to do it big, and decided to move the weddings. The couples then fly to Gibraltar, a British overseas constituency between Morocco and Spain. But why relocate? Studio 89’s program director, Virginie Dhers, who is in charge of the show, confided in the Parisian “We thought it was the right time to change. The candidates were used to Grans, so they had to be taken out of their comfort zone. From a psychological point of view, our experts explained to us that the loss of bearings leads to overinvestment in the relationship.

The show’s psychologist, Estelle Dossin, also shares this opinion: “They want to participate in the experience to get out of their comfort zone, but we put them back in a comfort zone because the mechanics are always the same. (…) We know as a psychologist that when we are faced with a form of insecurity, a framework that we do not know, we are obliged to trust the other more. It was positive in terms of involvement and investment.” As you have understood, this upheaval is there to destabilize the candidates but it does not change the legality of the act. Marriages celebrated in Gibraltar are recognized by the French government. If the love at first sight does not take place, it will then be necessary to go through the divorce box for the candidates.


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