Married at first sight: Damien marries Pauline, his sister Alexia descends on their couple

Last week in Married at first sight, Damien and Pauline encountered a first problem after their marriage: a car breakdown in the direction of their shooting photo. Never mind, it did not shake their good mood or the euphoria of the moment. 77% compatible, the two candidates proved that they were in all circumstances! They also took advantage of this moment of waiting to continue to discover each other, while being very tactile. Once the situation was settled, Damien and Pauline had to stop cooing to join their loved ones at the reception organized for them. The opportunity to continue this day which has not hitherto encountered any gray areas.

But while everyone was having a great time, moved by the happy couple who offered a sensual first dance on the track with lots of kisses and tender gestures, Damien’s little sister was not in the mood for the party. Alexia has indeed remained on the reserveface closed and removed from conversations.
I can’t say I’m happy, there’s no love, they don’t know each other“, she said several times, skeptically.

Damien could only notice his sister’s difficulty in rejoicing for him. Thus, he decided to isolate himself for a moment with her to talk about it and collect her impressions. “I’ll be happy when you take a step back. For the moment, it is an unknown, it is only statistics, it is not significant. When all the madness has died down, we’ll see what it’s worth. I can’t rave over a stranger, pretending ain’t my thing“, she then confessed to him, without filter. The 37-year-old groom understood Alexia’s reluctance even if he was injured. But there is no question, however, of being disturbed by his worries because he is certain of it : Pauline is a beautiful person for whom he had a real crush.

A mutual crush which was confirmed when the two spouses met to spend their first night together, and in the same bed! The show’s cameras left after they kissed.