Marta Luisa from Norway, this is how her life has changed three years after the death of Ari Behn

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On December 25, 2019, the life of Marta Luisa from Norway changed forever. That day, her ex-husband and father of her three daughters, Ari Behn, decided that he no longer wanted to live when he was only 47 years old. The absence of the Danish writer has marked Christmas ever since. It is a time full of nostalgia and memories for the princess, who this week revealed the feeling that invades her home at these holidays: “The period before Christmas is very difficult in our family. We remember Ari and what happened on Christmas Day three years ago. It is a dark time both around us and within us. We need to grieve, go through the different feelings that are present. We need peace.” Three years have passed since that fateful day and the wounds are still open. How has the life of Marta Luisa from Norway and her three daughters changed since then? Hit play and don’t miss the video.

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