Martha Higareda criticized for her little arrangements, fans say she deformed her beautiful face

Martha Higareda criticized for her little arrangements, fans say she deformed her beautiful face and that he looks very different from when he rose to fame with the character of “Renata” in the tape “Amar te hurts”. Although years have passed, his followers assure that because he did not want to look older, he overdid it.

Without a doubt, Martha Higareda has been one of the most beloved Mexican actresses, because although her time in soap operas was brief, her participation in the cinema with tapes such as “Don’t stain Frida”, “Marry who can” and more, made him a great figure in contemporary Mexican cinema.

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Now to his 38 years old, Martha Higareda She has been able to take her career to another level and although she continues to do work with Mexican companies, she has also achieved success in the United States as an actress, producer and writer. Martha has branched out, as she has also ventured into the world of podcasts and more.

What attracts attention today is his facebecause after being one of the guests of honor at the party that Claudia Álvarez organized for the baptism of her children, it was impossible not to notice that Martha Higareda it looked different.

Although the actress of “Altered Carbon” has always sported a simple style, for many it was evident that sand passed botox and other arrangements, his followers pointed out that he had ruined his beautiful face and others indicated that perhaps it was some effect of makeup because in his most recent poses on social networks and stories he had not looked like that.

Until now Martha Higareda He has not commented on the criticism, but he does not usually get involved in comments of this type, because after several years in the industry, he has known how to deal with criticism.

Martha Higareda, strong footprints in the cinema

This weekend Martha Higareda She also debuted a new hair style with blonde details, as the actress is preparing the role that she will play in a new movie and that required the change.

Along with following his career as aactress, producer and writer, Martha Higareda He has boasted of his love affair with businessman and influencer Lewis Howes, with whom his followers believe he could settle down.

Yes ok, Martha Higareda She has carried her romances discreetly, there has been no lack of someone who assures that she would like to see her fulfilled not only professionally but also personally with a family of her own.

Martha Higareda She already had a divorce, but that has not taken away her illusion of being a mother and for this reason it was a long time ago that she decided to freeze her ovules so as not to be pressured by the biological clock.

For now, Martha Higareda She continues to focus on enjoying her relationship, on adding more professional successes.

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