Martin Clunes says goodbye to his character as Dr. Martin after 14 years – El Sol de México

A lucky and grateful man with life is how the British actor Martin Clunes considers himself, for having played the Dr Martin Ellingham in the series Doc Martin.

Since 2004 he has played the protagonist, a grumpy doctor with a phobia of blood. “I have been very lucky in my career and also in my life, it doesn’t always go hand in hand I guess, but at least in my case, the race is what I do to support my life. I wouldn’t have that good fortune if I hadn’t been so blessed at work,” Clunes said at a press conference.

What started out as a fairly simple character grew into both sensitivity and vulnerability, the lead said. One of the greatest lessons from him was that to keep the same role on screen for so long, it was necessary to delve deeper into the character’s information, in order to generate a connection with the public.

“I think it was much easier to be in his shoes at the beginning, even though he was very forceful and quite sharp. I recently thought back to the first episode and he seemed a lot calmer and I remember our boss, Nick Elliot, the first producer, when we started sending him the recordings he said, ‘God, is he going to be so grumpy all the time?’ And he has become grumpier.

“Although in another sense I think he’s grown because we’ve had to learn how he got to be where he is through his terrible parents and his difficult childhood, which always makes me laugh, I don’t know why, I guess it’s because it’s him.” he expressed.

Clunes thanks the series above all because it allowed him to work alongside his wife Philippa Braithwaite, who serves as producer. “She’s very good at her job and it’s the main reason the series has lasted so long.

“I can’t think of anyone who’s done that many episodes, over 80, and while it’s never easy to write, imagine how hard it is when you have a lead that nobody likes and nobody likes either. It is quite difficult to write stories, but she has done it, ”she assured.

In addition to saying goodbye to his lead character after 18 years, with a new installment, he also released a Christmas special, with his unhappy memories of Christmas in which his parents abandoned him because they didn’t like him very much.

“I still don’t know how I feel (by leaving his character), it’s the most honest answer, because it’s a fairly recent farewell, but I felt very motivated, I’ve spent my life starting jobs with the intention of finishing them and it’s great when you have a season that comes back and people like it, but it’s also nice to keep going.

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“The best thing about being me is that I have a lot of variety in my life, but maybe there will come a time when I am sobbing into my cup of tea, missing being the one. Dr MartinI don’t know,” said the comedian.

The final season of the series, which premiered one episode every week on Acorn TV, comes to a close. As a gift to the fans, along with the last chapter (this December 29), the documentary will be released Farewell To Doc Martinunder the direction of Stuart Orme, which will show the global impact of the project, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the final season with interviews with the cast and crew.


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