Martín Elías’ tomb was destroyed and his wife showed the person responsible

Through her Instagram account, Dayana Jaimes, widow of Martin Elias, denounced that the tomb of the son of Diomedes Díaz was attacked and destroyed on the afternoon of this Wednesday, January 4.

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Jaimes condemned the event and stated that it is a situation that is “getting out of control.”

“I don’t usually make complaints on my networks because I usually use them to transmit positive things to everyone who follows me. However, this situation is already getting out of control and the attitude and behavior of people in a place as sacred as a cemetery makes me very sad,” she wrote.

Jaimes accompanied the publication with photographs showing the damage to the tomb located in the Jardines del Eccehomo cemetery, north of Valledupar.

“Today I find Martín’s grave in the state that you can see in the photos, something that fills me with great sadness and indignation. This is not the first time this has happened, since usually people steal the flowers, the stones, go there to have a drink, or sit and lean on the grave to take photos. It is not fair, we demand respect”, emphasized Jaimes.

In the same publication, Dayana Jaimes showed the person allegedly responsible for the damage.

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“I hope you learn that one does not sit on graves to pose for a photo. Hopefully, just as you wanted to do so, you have the same desire to hold yourself responsible and pay for the damage, “Dayana concluded.

The tomb is located next to his father, Diomedes Díaz.