Martin Rütter etches against carnivalists: “Shit in the brain?”

It won’t be long before the most beautiful days of the year will begin for tens of thousands of people in Germany, but especially in the Rhineland. In exactly one month, Rose Monday parades will again be taking to the streets in many cities. There are often horses on which the carnival riders ride. This is a thorn in the side of many animal rights activists. Apparently also “dog professional” Martin Rütter.

Comprehensible. After all, as a human being it is often torture to stand between drunk people for hours and listen to the bawling. For horses this must be much worse. That is why the North Rhine-Westphalian state government has considered setting up stricter rules that are intended to guarantee the horses more safety.

Martin Rütter criticizes carnivalists

Among other things, the animals may not be used for more than eight hours. A break is mandatory after four hours and there is a general ban on alcohol, smoking and mobile phones for the riders of the animals. Conversely, this means: You used to be allowed to light a fag on the animal. Martin Rütter is stunned when his podcast partner Katharina Adick tells him about the topic.

Horses at the Cologne Shrove Monday procession 2020. Photo: IMAGO / Future Image

In “Tierisch Human” the “Hundeprofi” bursts out: “That means the riders were allowed to drink on the horses beforehand? Old Swede.” And the eight-hour rule also affects Rütter. “Hey tell me, did you shit in their brains? Who suggests that? That doesn’t exist,” scolds the man from Duisburg.

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Basically, you have to ask yourself why animals have to be part of carnival parades, Rütter continues. “I would like to ask a question. General. What is the shit supposed to mean that a horse is running along?! We already had it at the Cologne carnival that a horse bolted and ran into the group with momentum. That’s not completely absurd now,” says Rütter. One of his daughters even noticed this up close. According to Rütter, she was only five meters away.