Martin Rütter: His cell phone rings during the show – he has to act

He is the best-known dog expert in the country: Martin Rütter has been on TV for over twenty years, and he has also been touring with his stage programs for more than ten years.

Starting with “Hund-Deutsch/Deutsch-Hund” (2010) to “Der tut nix! (2012)”, “nachSITZen” (2014), “Freijudgment!” (2017) and “He just wants to play!” Martin Rütter thrilled thousands of fans. Countless eyes have seen what happens on stage. Artists like to keep quiet about what happens behind the scenes. But not so the “dog professional”.

Martin Rütter: It’s still enough for 1. FC Köln’s attack

The dog expert from Duisburg shared an excerpt from a documentary about himself on his Instagram account, in which the makers were also allowed to film him backstage.

“So folks, after you’ve speculated what my break at a show on the live tour looks like, I can now dissolve it. A camera team accompanied me there about 8 years ago. Absolutely nothing has changed in this respect on the current tour,” writes Rütter.

The fans see in the excerpt that Rütter is handed a mobile phone on the line: allegedly the president of 1. FC Köln, who wants to sign him as a striker and has already called three times. No problem for the ardent Billy Goat fan. The 52-year-old jokes that he can step in as a striker, but the mileage isn’t enough for more. So said and done: Rütter acts immediately and grabs a ball for training.

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But that’s not all, the “dog professional” also has to step in as a cook and truck driver. The fans, however, have doubts. “No wonder you were so skinny back then. But I don’t believe that it’s still the case today. In the meantime you probably have to do things like advise Steffen Baumgart on the team formation, taste liquorice or scratch Emma’s. Also heavily stressful, but burns almost no calories anymore,” jokes one follower.