Martin Rütter reveals TV secret: finally certainty!

It’s always a surprise when you learn that a lot of things in the TV world are more apparent than real. Martin Rütter gives his followers on Instagram an exclusive look behind the scenes of his RTL show “Die Unvermittelbare”. For some viewers, the clip should lead to a real aha moment.

The younger RTL viewers in particular are concerned with one question: why does Martin Rütter wear the same t-shirt in every episode? Doesn’t the dog professional have anything else to wear? This recording should solve the mystery once and for all.

Martin Rütter reveals: That’s why he always wears the same outfit in his shows

Fans of the dog professional don’t have to worry: Martin Rütter should be doing pretty well financially. After all, he is currently touring all over Germany, runs his own dog school and produces several TV shows. In one of his programs, however, the 52-year-old shows himself again and again in the same T-shirt. It is understandable that one or the other viewer is suspicious.

“Today, while watching the show ‘Die Unvermittelbare’, my daughter said in horror: ‘Martin’s wearing the same T-shirt again. Does he only have one?’” commented a woman on Martin Rütter’s Instagram profile. Another user adds: “My son said that too.” How convenient that the TV star reveals the secret of his TV outfits in a new video.

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In the Instagram clip, Martin Rütter films in his closet and asks his fans for help in choosing clothes. He then shows a shelf on which nine T-shirts in exactly the same design can be seen. The title of his current live tour “He just wants to play” can be read on every shirt. The dog expert therefore owns multiple versions of the same shirt. The mother of the curious viewer is now certain: “I’ll show her the video tomorrow, so she knows.”

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