Martin Rütter, stunned, reports to fans – “madness”

Martin Rütter stunned his fans – “madness”

5/8/2022 at 4:23 p.m

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In his job as a dog trainer Martin Ruetter already seen some problems. As a “dog professional”, the animal psychologist not only gives helpful tips on pet training on TV, but also on Instagram.

as himself Martin Ruetter However, on Thursday evening (May 5th) reports to his fans, he is over the moon.

Martin Rütter: Dog professional surprises with an emotional Instagram video

Martin Rütter has already shown in the past that he not only has a feeling for animals, but also for dealing with people. Especially when it comes to entertainment.

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That is Martin Ruetter:

  • Martin Rütter originally comes from Duisburg, is an animal psychologist and runs several dog schools and a shop
  • Martin Rütter is the most famous dog trainer in the country
  • On RTL he can be seen in the programs “Die Unvermittelbare” and “Die Puppies are coming”.
  • His program “Der Hundeprofi” can be seen on Vox

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That’s why the dog professional is going on tour again in 2022 after a Corona break of more than two years. “I’m so happy that it’s finally starting again today after more than 2 years, but I’m also really excited to see you again,” he said shortly before.

Martin Rütter shares an emotional moment on his tour

In his Instagram video, he shows that his nervousness was not necessary. “I just got off the stage and it was really intense.”

Of course not because Martin Rütter forgot to be entertaining. On the contrary: “I’m really touched and emotional. We had a very emotional ending today and […] it was really magical today.”

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More about Martin Rütter:

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Then he says: “There were standing ovations before the encore and now at the end again for quite a long time and very benevolently.” Martin Rütter is very inspired after this successful evening. No wonder, he probably couldn’t have gotten better confirmation.

A topic that is very important to Martin Rütter is how to treat your own animal properly. You can find out here why he really hit out at a dog owner.