Martina Hill: “Tinder and blind dates? That’s not for me!”

For Martina Hill (48) (“Knallerfrauen”, “heute-show”), the world is a big, colorful playground – that’s why she manages like no other comedian in Germany to slip into every imaginable role – from top model Heidi Klum to moderator Andrea Kiewel. Hill really gets a laugh out of everyone. The Berliner will soon prove that again – from January 26 in the movie “Caveman” and from February 9 in her comedy show “HILLarious” on Amazon Prime. However, a role would be nothing for her in private – that of the femme fatale, who could be enthusiastic about spontaneous horizontal adventures. A conversation about love, lust and boredom.

Comedian Martina Hill: An open relationship “would definitely not be a relationship model for me”

“Caveman,” a classic romantic comedy, hits theaters on January 26th. What is your strategy for keeping love and passion alive in a relationship?

I try to remind myself every day that relationship is a completely voluntary event. Everyone is completely free to go or stay – as long as there are no offspring involved, which of course makes everything more difficult. In my opinion, being aware of this freedom every day helps to really appreciate your partner.

A relaxed basic atmosphere as a love booster?

I agree! And so love can continue to grow over time. Then a shabby look and boredom can be allowed. There are women in my environment who cooked their husband’s food every day in high heels and constantly ensured a good mood and action – but the relationship didn’t last in the end.

How important is mutual tolerance?

It doesn’t work without them! Nobody is perfect and it always takes two. We have to accept that, by and large, our partner is just who they are. With all its quirks and peculiarities. For me, tolerance in a relationship doesn’t mean that I have to like what I tolerate. But with this attitude I at least take things more calmly.

Would an open relationship be an option for you?

You mean having sex with people other than your partner, where they know about it, totally agree with it and go at the same time?! No, that would definitely not be a relationship model for me!

Martina Hill admits: “I’ve never had a single blind date in my entire life”

Which clichés about the role relationship between men and women are still the classics today?

Women and handbags, women and their wardrobes, women talk a lot, men are silent and can’t listen, women love shopping and spend a long time in the bathroom. And guess what? That’s often true! But often not.

It also means, among other things, that women are less receptive to quick sexual contacts …

Well, some clichés hold up really well. But I can’t judge whether that’s really the case.

Can you understand that men often find it difficult to understand a woman in all her complexity?

Sure, of course! I often don’t even understand myself. How is someone else supposed to see through that?

What are your personal experiences with dating apps?

You ask a woman who doesn’t even have WhatsApp installed on her smartphone. For me, all this social media dating madness would be pure horror! What a stress and, above all, time waster. I myself have no experience with dating portals, but I know from people who use these offers that they are basically just annoying and usually do not lead to anything serious.

Basically, isn’t it very lucky not to be 20 years old in the stressful digital era of Tinder, Instagram and TikTok?

I really don’t want to swap places with today’s girls! Back then, we wrote our parents’ landline number on a piece of paper for our crush, then sat by the phone for days and waited for him to finally call – and then hopefully one of the parents didn’t pick up. That was exciting, tingling and stressful enough! And even back then, I only got involved with a real date if I was relatively sure beforehand that it would fit and that something serious could develop from it.

So you don’t get the thrill of the unknown?

Just the thought of meeting up with a complete stranger just because his fact check matches my expectations, I find it totally spooky! I’ve never had a blind date in my entire life. So, now it’s out!

By BUNTE author Alexander Nebe