Marvel and Mattel create a new version of the UNO game with superhero cards

Marvel has teamed up with Mattel, the American toys and games company, for an exciting collaboration: an UNO Ultimate collectible card game featuring the great superheroes of the Marvel universe. Something to delight card players and superhero fans.

No need to repeat the rules of UNO that everyone knows: part with all your cards before everyone else by avoiding the tragic “Counter-UNO”. While the design of the cards is different from the original version with the addition of superhero drawings, the rules of the new version proposed by Marvel and Mattel take up the main lines of the traditional game by adding a few subtleties.

The new UNO edition includes four different decks of cards, each based on a particular superhero: Iron Man, Black Panther, Thor and Captain Marvel. A danger card deck provides cards that can change the outcome of the current game. Each player also has a character card which has a special power. To make the series even more collectible, four never-before-seen foil cards will be included in the game, and more packs will be available in the spring. They will each contain two new Ultimate Marvel trading cards, featuring characters such as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch.

For all you Marvel and UNO fans out there, the new game from the Marvel and Mattel collaboration is available on Amazon for US$15.


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