Marvel is preparing a documentary in tribute to its creator Stan Lee for Disney +

Hundred years. This is the age Stan Lee would have been on December 28th. Creator of the famous franchise Marvel, this American with an overflowing imagination has revolutionized the world of comics. In 1961, he created the series The Fantastic Four, which will receive unprecedented success. At the time, Stan Lee is responsible for creating a series featuring a group of superheroes and offers his friend and designer Jack Kirby to work with him on this concept. The comics are then born The Fantastic Four whose first issue was released on August 8, 1961.

And it looks like these two have found the recipe for success. The years after will see hatch Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Iron Man, X-Men or avengers that will appeal to a wide audience. From 1970, the author decides to withdraw and entrusts his characters to confirmed teams. Twenty years later, Stan Lee decides to leave the Marvel group to continue the solo adventure. However, he remains executive producer of films adapted from his characters, but he can now initiate projects for other publishers. This is how the screenwriter was able to write for DC Comics. From near or far still linked to Marvel, Stan Lee continued to invest in the various projects of the group, before dying in 2018.

Disney+ will thus look back on his entire career through a documentary tribute to the man who is at the origin of the most famous characters in pop culture. Its release is scheduled for 2023 on the entertainment giant’s streaming platform.


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