Mary Méndez was reminded of slips in ‘La red’, on ‘April Fool’s Day’

‘La red’ is one of the programs most loved by viewers in the country, and not only because of the gossip, but also because of the occurrences of its presenters. And precisely, Mary Méndez was the protagonist of a funny moment that was remembered at the end of the year, taking advantage of April Fool’s Day.

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The moment begins with the presenter saying that, Although her setmates may not believe it, she went to college. Seconds later, Carlos Giraldo stops her and tells her that she probably only studied six semesters. Mary tries to respond to Giraldo’s joke, but that’s when she slips up:

“No six semesters: three and peak years.” The presenter notices the mistake and does not hesitate to make it: “That’s why, six semesters.”

Laughter takes over the set, and it is that in addition to Carlos, Frank Solano and Juan Carlos Giraldo, they do not hesitate to let out laughter after laughter.

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But the comments do not end there. And it is that the presenters begin to launch increasingly funny phrases. “Oh, what a gross teacher, put zero on it”says Giraldo, while Frank affirms that “Mary Méndez’s mother has allowed herself to be robbed of the money from that university”.

Finally, and despite the bullying, Mary Méndez also ends up dying of laughter and assures that they are the culprits, because they confuse her.

Mary Mendez and her accident with a bronzer

The presenter has always been very real in her networks, and she does not hesitate to reveal her successes and mistakes. Just a few days ago she made her followers laugh again by assuring that she had misapplied a self-tanner and that she had noticed it while she was recording a story.

“I go for hot weather, for a party, for a bathing suit. How am I going to introduce myself like this? It will tie it to me, right? I lay down here, now I’m going to lie down here (pointing to her arm). I look like a cow, all spotted,” she said with a laugh.