Mary of Denmark and the story of her tiara

After turbulent months have passed around the Danish crown, with Queen Margrethe’s decision to remove the titles of four of her grandchildren, it seems that things are starting to get back on track. As announced, this year the Danish royals did not spend the holidays together, with Prince Frederick’s family and his wife Mary traveling for the first time in five years to Australia, the Princess’s homeland; and Prince Joaquín and Princess Marie making a trip abroad, of which they have not wanted to give details, but reports of where they were have already been given. With the beginning of the year, the Queen’s decision was put into practice, but also began the family’s public calendar that begins with the New Year’s celebration, a banquet that is held at the Royal Palace of Amalienborg. As it is a gala, this day deserves to dust off the jewels, the coats, and of course, the tiaras, as we could see in Queen Margaret and Princess Mary.



Margarita from Denmark stages the family union with a gala portrait with her two sons and daughters-in-law

Margarita of Denmark meets with her children after making the changes in the Royal House official: “My eight grandchildren are my great joy”

This year, Mary of Denmark has resorted to the tiara that is seen with more recurrence and that is considered one of the most striking within the European royal jewelers. This is the ruby ​​set that is made up of a tiara, chandelier earrings, a spectacular necklace, a brooch and several combs that masterfully combine the brilliance of diamonds and rubies in a large display of natural inspiration.

The history of the Danish Ruby Parure

As usually happens in such spectacular pieces, its history is a very interesting one. It was originally made for Désirée Clary Bernadotte, who would become Queen of Denmark, in 1804 to wear during Napoleon’s coronation in Paris. The piece became part of the crown jewels when the Bernadottes acceded to the throne, arriving in Copenhagen in 1869. Yes, this last name sounds familiar to you because it is the same as the Swedish Royal Family, and it is that Princess Lovisa of Sweden she married what would become King Frederick VIII of Denmark, taking with her the fantastic set of jewels.

Since then, the tiara and its companions have been worn by different royals, becoming an exclusive piece for Princess Mary since her wedding in 2004. In this new appearance, Mary has only worn the tiara and earrings, leaving the necklace at home, since the dress she was wearing had a neckline with which that piece would not have looked the same, the same case of the long earrings that were replaced by a short version in the same precious stones. What yes, is that as it is a large-scale event, the Princess wore the Order of the Elephant, which is the highest distinction in the Nordic country. She also wore the Order of the Royal Family of Queen Margarita, which distinguishes her at the service of her Majesty.


It should be mentioned that it has attracted attention that adorning her collected bow, Mary wore the combs that have the same design as the tiara and that have been seen on other occasions. Elegantly, these pieces are shaped like leaves in diamonds with rubies as cherry blossom ornaments.

Mary of Denmark and her story with the skirt that was a dress

Mary’s look

For this gala evening, Mary has combined the tiara with a dress made to measure for her by the Danish designer Lasse Spangenberg, which she has worn on other occasions. The creator was delighted with this new appearance of her design, writing on his Instagram account: “I am proud… honored… grateful.” Matching the sparkles on her dress and her tiara, the Princess chose a J. Furmani clutch bag.