Mary Paz Banquells says that her children refused to reconcile with Alfredo Adame | Famous

In the middle of April, Alfredo Adame affirmed that he sent a message to his children through a television producer, because a program wanted to be the means to reconcile them. The actor clarified that this was not what convinced him to be willing to approach them, but his partner Magaly Chávez.

His ex-wife, Mary Paz Banquells denied that “The King of Rating”, as Adame called himself, had taken the first step and explained why his sons refused.

“No, no, no, with Diego a program was communicated that they wanted to do reconciliation in the program. His father did not look for him, “she said bluntly to ‘Ventaneando’.” What Diego replied was that he he was not going to lend himself to a media show“added the actress.

However, Mary Paz assured that her three children are willing to meet with their father if he wants to do it “from the heart”, but without television cameras.

Banquells knows that it will be difficult, because Alfredo Adame has disqualified his children: “He said many things, it is not easy for your father to come out saying publicly that you are not his son, that you do not have his last name, that he is going to take it away from you and many other things, then they have to talk about that,” he said.

Mary Paz Banquells and her children have undergone therapy

After the stormy separation, the actress shared that she and her three children have undergone psychological therapy and have come out of the situation.

we had to take therapy And well, here we are, the four of us, very strong, well united and, well, moving forward, the truth has been a good life lesson for my children, they have grown, they have matured and there we go, the four of us fighting him, “he said.