Marysol Sosa gives clues before lawsuit with José Joel

A few days ago speculation arose about an alleged lawsuit between Marysol Sosa And his brother Joseph Joel for royalties from his father, José José. So the singer decided to issue a statement where she clarified her position, but she gave more clues about what was happening.

To begin with, he established: “No, at no time have I fought with anyone over inheritance. Everything has happened with the due and necessary process that the legal case has required from the beginning.”

But then she clarified that she is not looking for money… “I’m not the person who expects to see money in their account. I said it at the time and I reiterate it: the Orozco Sosa family are not interested in economic inheritance. I am the relative still seeking justice. Know what became of my dad and how he died.”

In this regard, José Joel had told the press that if they have not been seen together, as before, it is because they have different work schedules. “We never agree, the show is hers, it’s mine, we will have to agree to present it together,” he mentioned.

Maxine Woodside commented on her program, along with Ana María Alvarado, that the fracture between brothers is notorious. Even Gustavo Adolfo Infante highlighted that José Joel has not been vaccinated, which would have led to a lawsuit with Marysol, who has been very careful about the coronavirus.

On the subject of José Joel and his anti-vaccine position, through his statement, Marysol explained:

“Yes, since the pandemic began, in my house we take great care of ourselves, being responsible and abiding by the instructions to protect ourselves from the virus, reminding them that I was a pandemic mother. Aware that this affectation will reach everyone on the planet, I am grateful to know until healthy today. I respect the opinion of those who have not been vaccinated, but each home sets its rules and makes decisions for its own”.