mask fraud? Fynn Kliemann reacts to Jan Böhmermann’s allegations

Statement: Fynn Kliemann reacts to allegations with a video

With over 800,000 followers on Instagram, celebrity friends and two number one albums in the German charts, Fynn Kliemann was one of the up-and-coming internet stars of recent years, known to many for his clean image. Due to the allegations by the ZDF moderator, the 34-year-old is in negative headlines. The German now took a position on social media with a video.

He takes the allegations “very seriously”. About his seven-minute video, Kliemann writes: “I would like to apologize for some things and urgently correct others, because the allegations of fraud are simply not true. To all people, organizations and institutions who are disappointed and shocked at first glance, it does I’m sorry! I’m open to transparency and enlightenment, and will continue to do everything I can to bring clarity to all of this!”

“Yes, ‘Global Tactics’ also had masks made in Bangladesh, no, I never sold or advertised these masks,” explains the 34-year-old. “I have to admit that I could no longer oversee the process,” the influencer continues. The Internet star rejects allegations of wage dumping. He would not have earned anything from the production in Bangladesh. The screenshots of private messages shown by Böhermann were taken out of context, but Kliemann apologizes in his video for “imprudent” statements. The singer does not want to know anything about the extent of the errors that the masks donated to refugee camps showed.