mask fraud? Jan Böhmermann raises serious allegations against Fynn Kliemann

Updated on 05/06/2022 at 18:59

  • In the current episode of the satirical magazine “ZDF Magazin Royal”, Jan Böhmermann presents numerous documents intended to prove that the influencer Fynn Kliemann and his business partner gave the wrong country of origin when they delivered corona protective masks.
  • Kliemann and his business partner claimed to be selling the masks at cost.
  • According to Böhmermann’s revelations, however, they made a profit from the sale. In addition, unusable masks are said to have been delivered to refugee camps.
  • Kliemann has now responded to the allegations and speaks of his own failures.

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Jan Böhmermann has done it again. Almost out of nowhere, the TV presenter set a topic that caused a stir on Friday, not only on social media. In the latest episode of his satirical magazine “ZDF Magazin Royal” (Friday, 11:00 p.m. on ZDF), Böhmermann makes serious allegations against Fynn Kliemann and accuses the entrepreneur, musician and influencer of mask fraud.

At the beginning of the corona pandemic, Kliemann and his business partner Tom Illbruck had protective masks manufactured on a large scale. These should supposedly be produced fairly in Europe and sold at cost price. Böhmermann is now presenting numerous documents that are intended to prove that the masks were actually manufactured inexpensively in Bangladesh and Vietnam and helped the YouTuber, who became known with home improvement videos, and his business partner to make a hefty profit.

Kliemann responds to allegations of mask fraud

The influencer and musician Fynn Kliemann has now responded to the allegations. When asked by the dpa, a statement by Kliemann said: “I have to admit that I could no longer oversee the process.” It went on to say: “This must never happen and so I take responsibility, even if I was neither a producer nor a seller.” Through these omissions, not having dealt with these processes in detail, he has disappointed many. At the same time, Kliemann asked for a differentiated look at the details in the video contribution.

If you are not very familiar with the world of influencers and social media, you may be wondering who Fynn Kliemann actually is. Böhmermann answers this question in detail and uses the first half of the almost half-hour “ZDF Magazin Royal” episode to introduce Kliemann and his activities. This happens with the mocking undertone so typical of Böhmermann.

“Fynn Kliemann has become his own brand. Because he is someone who can grab people’s hearts. You can’t put Fynn in words, Fynn is more of a vibe. A lifestyle. Almost something like a feeling. And describes feelings best with music,” says the 41-year-old satirist. Then he slips on white gloves, puts on a top hat and sings a satirical song about Kliemann.

Above all, the first part of the “ZDF Magazin Royal” episode, which has been on YouTube since 0:00 a.m. on Thursday night, gives the impression that Böhmermann is also dealing with a personal reckoning in addition to the disclosure story Kliemann is leaving. The influencer was already a guest on Böhmermann’s show, he appeared with Böhmermann’s podcast buddy Olli Schulz in his Netflix documentary “Das Hausboot”. Now the two don’t seem to be friends anymore.

Böhmermann has numerous documents

It becomes more concrete in the second part of the episode. Böhmermann puts his evidence on the table and makes serious accusations. He looks into the camera and speaks directly to Fynn Kliemann. “We’ve been sitting here for weeks on some really hot documents that show what happens when you don’t have a GoPro running,” he says, listing what his investigative editorial team has found in I-Messages, emails, delivery notes, Photos, order confirmations, call lists, video recordings and screenshots from websites are available.

Böhmermann leaves it open how he came into possession of these documents with Kliemann’s business conversations. However, they are publicly available on the specially set up website “”. “It’s certainly in your mind, Fynn, if we go through it together?” Asks the moderator. But what can then be heard will certainly not be what Kliemann intended.

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Masks from Bangladesh instead of Portugal?

The influencer, his business partner Illbruck and his textile company “Global Tactics” are said to have deliberately misled the public about the origin of the masks. Instead of being produced “fairly in Europe”, as claimed, the masks are said to have been manufactured inexpensively in Bangladesh and Vietnam. According to Böhmermann, the masks were not sold at cost price either, and Kliemann and Illbruck are said to have benefited considerably from the sales.

Böhmermann shows delivery notesThe masks are said to have been delivered from Bangladesh for 40 cents and from Vietnam for five cents more. Then the moderator pulls out a large calculator. “Fynn and Tom have ordered 2.3 million masks in Bangladesh and Vietnam,” Böhmermann calculates. These were sold for at least 93 cents. “A profit of at least one million euros is possible. So a margin of over 100 percent. But it doesn’t matter, it’s about a good cause,” adds Böhmermann sarcastically.

Were unusable masks distributed in refugee shelters?

A first delivery of masks is said to have been defective and did not offer sufficient protection against the corona virus. According to Böhmermann, Kliemann and Illbruck were not billed for these useless masks by the producers in Asia. They are said to have then delivered the masks to refugee shelters in Bosnia and Greece. “Fynn Kliemann and Tom Illbruck – once again made the world a little better,” remarks Böhmermann ironically.

Kliemann himself responded to the allegations on May 1st, his 34th birthday. The editors of “ZDF Magazin Royal” had sent him a catalog of questions about the research, the influencer answered in a half hour video. “I think it’s good that there are investigative journalists who question something like that,” he explained: “Normally you tell your lawyer and he answers. But I think that’s kind of stupid. I’m a fan of transparent discussions among each other .”

Kliemann’s fans are angry and disappointed

Kliemann denied most of the allegations in the video. Apparently he had no idea how extensive Böhmermann’s revelations would be. The comments under the video are now almost consistently negative, the followers are disappointed and angry after Böhmermann’s allegations. “The video has aged worse than fresh milk,” writes one. “That’s quite a lot of lies in one video,” writes another.

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