Mask Singer: Jarry tries his hand at disguise, internet users mixed

Between two confrontations of disguised personalities, Jarry also wanted to be tempted by the experience Mask Singer. The performance of the comedian did not go unnoticed by Internet users who reacted to this subject.

After three seasons rich in twists and turns, Kev Adams, Anggun or even Alessandra Sublet and Jarry have become real experts. And yet this does not mean that they easily find the personalities hidden behind the costumes of Mask Singer. That said, the father of twins sometimes got lucky when some of his friends ended up on stage. This was the case a few days ago with Pierre Palmade. Thus, the doubt did not last very long.

“I was discovered too early, I would have liked to do one or two more shows. It was very pleasant to sing in these conditions. I was told about a certain emotion that emanated from my character. I didn’t think that at Louane’s first song, they would have had the slightest clue! But Jarry knows me so well, that he has my ears. (…) I am a victim of my friends! I wanted to surprise so much that I had no trouble not saying anything. I had to tell a friend and make him swear not to say anything and he kept his word. Even my family didn’t know,” confided Pierre Palmade in the columns of Tele-Leisure.

Jarry disguises himself: the Web is divided

This Friday, April 22, 2022, the evening was once again rich in twists and turns in Mask Singer, especially with the butterfly that dazzled the public or the mystery guest, Anne Roumanoff, whose costume disappointed internet users. Before finding the pig, one of the members of the jury suddenly disappeared to make way for a singing elephant. Fly Me by Jean-Jacques Goldman. It turns out that it was Jarry, who wanted to put himself in the shoes of the candidates he has been trying to unmask for several weeks. This allowed him to understand the personalities who have to sing behind masks that are sometimes not very practical.

That said, not all internet users agreed on this performance. Thus, we were able to read messages from people who considered that this moment was not useful or even those who did not expect it and who laughed a lot…