Mask Singer: Jarry very embarrassed after a clumsy gesture from Gilbert Montagné, general laughter triggered

The evening was full of twists and turns on Friday May 6, 2022 in the evening on TF1. The channel broadcast the semi-final of Mask Singerduring which a surprise investigator came to help Alessandra Sublet, Jarry, Kev Adams and Anggun and a new candidate has been eliminated. It is the Tree which left the competition this week and which was unmasked in stride. It was about Gilbert Montagne !

Since the start of the season, the jury was convinced that the singer was ready to play, and with good reason. They had a final confirmation when Jarry had the opportunity to come down on stage to ask him to say the word “musician“with his real voice. Once at his side, the comedian expressed his joy at meeting, more or less, Gilbert Montagné. “JI could cry so much I love you, I love you so much“, he let go, embracing her. And joking: “Excuse me, I don’t know what part of your body I’m touching, I wouldn’t…“. It is true that it was complicated to understand how the singer was installed in his disguise. But ultimately, it is the interpreter ofWe are going to love each other who screwed up.

General laughter on set

Indeed, the blind artist following a medical error suddenly began to actively wave his hands, until touching, without doing it on purpose of course, Jarry’s private parts, obviously very surprised. This caused a big laugh on the set. “Oh but say so, he made you a…“, commented Alessandra Sublet alongside a hilarious Anggun. “So I’ll go back“bounced the investigator before finding his place.”You didn’t come down for nothing, you had a great time“, then quipped host Camille Combal.

Note that season 3 of Mask Singer is already coming to an end. On May 13, the grand finale of the musical program will take place. The identities of three characters have yet to be discovered, namely the Banana, the Butterfly and the Deer.