Mask Singer: Kev Adams soon fired by TF1? This behavior that production would no longer support

According to Closer, Kev Adams would participate in the new season of Mask Singer. But his time would be counted on the TF1 show because the production would no longer support his attitude with the other investigators.

Kev Adams has been around since the launch of Mask Singer. Since 2019, the comedian plays the investigator in the TF1 show where celebrities must be unmasked while they sing hidden under a costume. A small breath of air for the ex of Iris Mittenaere between his one-man-shows and the shooting of his films. Only then, after four seasons, the young man begins to wonder about his participation in the program.

On December 2, he told FranceInfo that he “didn’t know yet if he would attend season 5 of Mask Singer. “It’s not that I hesitate, it’s not that I’m fed up, it’s that I tell myself that maybe I did my times. And at the same time, I tell myself that I take so much pleasure in doing it that maybe I will go back. I’m a bit hesitant to say to myself: ‘Have I done my time? Does the pleasure take over and suddenly I go back?’ Or do I say to myself: ‘OK, it’s time to take on new challenges'”. He also explained that his hesitation was due to his next series of shows across France, including the dates coincided with those of the show’s bonus filming.

Kev Adams and his complicated relationship with the other Mask Singer investigators

According to information from CloserKev Adams has finally made his choice sincehe will indeed be present in the new season of Mask Singer. The magazine reveals that filming will begin at the end of January for a broadcast scheduled for the start of the next school year. But this edition could be the last for the comedian. The production would consider not calling him back because it would no longer support his attitude during filming.

Closer thus reveals that his relations with Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc would be complicated and “would also create a bad atmosphere on the set“. As for her eldest, Chantal Ladesou, the thirty year oldwould be too directive” with her. Behaviors that would seriously start to annoy the teams of the program of the first channel. A few months ago, the magazine Audience also revealed that the artist would have beenodious during the previous season with certain candidates and especially the one “under the bear costume. And so it was about Christopher Beaugrand, who never reacted to these revelations. It remains to be seen whether this fifth season will take place with more serenity. It’s not won, obviously…