Mask Singer: Putin unexpectedly invites himself to the show

Friday May 6, TF1 broadcast the semi-final of Mask Singer. In an attempt to discover the identity of the Butterfly, Kev Adams chose to make him pronounce a surprising keyword given the current geopolitical context.

This season, TF1 has set the bar high for the third edition of Mask Singer. While viewers had been disappointed in previous seasons by the “international stars” invited by the production, the revelations this time lived up to expectations. After discovering Teri Hatcher, alias Susan Mayer in the series Desperate Housewives, they were able to find the British singer Seal last week, for their greatest happiness. But for this semi-final broadcast on Friday May 6, the production had somewhat failed: the identity of the mystery investigator was inadvertently revealed in the trailer released a little earlier on the channel’s social networks. . So it’s good Kendji Girac who was hiding under the costume of the wolf and joined the team of jurors, who were nevertheless not at the end of their investigations.

“In the news”

Difficult for them since the beginning of the adventure to know who hides in particular under the costume of the Butterfly. Many names have been put forward in recent weeks, both by investigators and by Internet users. Latest suspect to date, Clara Morgane, whose name was proposed by some members of the jury. Back on the set, the Papillon in particular made the investigators wonder with his “gorgeous legs“as Anggun remarked, or else”very muscular” according to the new member of the team Kendji Girac. Enough to direct them towards a dancer, in particular Denitsa Ikonomova, member of the troupe of Dance with the stars. Except that for the keyword, Kev Adams chose a word which is very bad timing given the current geopolitical context in Europe: “I think of Putin“he launches to Jarry. What annoy Internet users somewhat, in the midst of an invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. “You could have chosen another word”; “In the news”; “It’s a joke, isn’t it? can we read in particular in the reactions on Twitter. Except that the actor was not referring to the Russian leader … but to the famous Quebec dish ! Not enough to trigger a diplomatic crisis, but a new reference which falls badly for the team of Mask Singerafter a joke by Camille Combal on Bruce Willis.