Mask Singer season 3 – Banana unmasked, find out who was hiding behind the costume

Alessandra Sublet, Kev Adams, Jarry and Anggun were finally able to find out who was hiding behind the Banana costume during the Mask Singer finale broadcast on May 13, 2022. It was Valérie Bègue who was hiding under the costume. She was able to sing with the Robot (Daniel Levy) during the show on the title I Want You Back of the Jackson Five and interpret the titles hurt by Christina Aguilera. and I promise you by Johnny Hallyday.

Banana portrait clues

La Banane has already been named several times in past seasons. She has won several awards and knows the trophy is for her. “I won’t tell you twice,” she added. Then she mentioned the word podium. She has the peach and likes metals like medals. Some tried to put it in boxes, but it didn’t last long. And those who want to catch it can always run. She walked the steps of the Cannes Film Festival. The first time she sang in front of an audience, she was petrified. But she persevered and sang vocal songs or rock. She did everything and has a nice grain of voice.

As a child, she never imagined living her life. Millions of viewers, red carpets, concerts… she likes to go from one world to another. She took the stage at a prestigious ceremony. We saw her everywhere the year of Rihanna’s song she performed (2007) and she has already shared the stage with Shakira. She seems very linked to the world of the automobile, evokes speed, the starting blocks and being the only woman in a certain top 10. She revealed to have a link with Nikos Aliagas and to have worn the colors of France . She has always loved going on stage, paying homage to artists, having put on a lot of costumes. Music accompanies him on a daily basis.

Clues taken from images of the Banana

A wad of money, a wand, a watch and red white blue glasses with the phrase “These colors have worn me as much as I have loved wearing them”. A podium, images from a video game, an arcade room, bodyguards forming the letter V. Rihanna’s song Please don’t stop the music, dominoes with the numbers 79401 to put back in the order, the numbers 07, a photo of Nikos Aliagas, Alessandra Sublet. On his belt, a double letter B. Another clue: his hair is black. The banana has a relationship with the French Academy. A theater scene and the words “glory” and “divine” were put forward in a magneto clues as well as the word “cow”.

Link to an investigator

La Banane has already been at a festival with Alessandra Sublet! Which does not evoke much to the investigator, if not the Cannes Film Festival.

During the finale, the Banana confided that she had already sung on stage in costume, just like Daniel Levy (The Robot).

Opinion of the investigators

Jarry thought of Estelle Mossely and Sandrine Quétier, then of Nathalie Simon and Laetitia Milot. Anggun thought of Amélie Mauresmo. Alessandra Sublet thought of Alizée Cornet. And Kev Adams assumed it was Surya Bonaly, Mary Pierce, Fauve Hautot, Shy’m. Jennifer Ayache, Sofia Essaïdi and Valérie Bègue have also been mentioned. During the finale, Jarry suggested that the Banana could be Tatiana Silva or Camélia Jordana.