Mask Singer: the butterfly wins against the banana, find out which stars were hiding under the costumes

All good things come to an end. It is not Camille Combal and the jury of “Mask Singer” who will say the opposite. After seven weeks of suspense, the public was finally able to discover which stars embodied the banana and the butterfly.

The suspense will have been at its height until the end in Mask Singer. After seven weeks of competition, it’s time for viewers to find out who are these mysterious celebrities with unexpected musical talent for some of them. The public was also able to find confirmed singers such as Gilbert Montagné during this adventure.

This year again, the production has invited several international stars to perform with the other participants. Thereby, singer Seal who had previously participated on the show and actress Teri Hatcher turned the Web around. Moreover, Jarry himself lent himself to the game by interpreting Fly Me of Jean-Jacques Goldman disguised as an elephant. An express participation that made Internet users react.

This Friday, May 13, 2022, there were only three candidates left in competition: the butterfly that the public was sure to have unmasked, the banana and finally the deer. The first to put an end to the suspense is none other than Laurent Ournac as some jurors thought.

Mask Singer: the butterfly and the banana unmasked

But who really are the butterfly and the banana? Viewers discovered it after a last performance on Johnny Hallyday and the title I promise you for the fruit and a recovery of Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana’s tube for the pink and purple bug.

The jurors had doubts about the banana and finally it was proven: it was indeed about Valerie Begue. The former beauty queen revealed different timbres of voice that no one expected. Now a host and actress, Miss France 2008 could now claim to be able to embark on a career as a singer.

Regarding the butterfly which was elected as the big winner of this third season of Mask Singer, the time has also come to find out who was hiding behind this intriguing costume and… indeed, Internet users and the jury were right: Denitsa Ikonomova was indeed this character who blew everyone away. Moreover, it required several hours of preparation for the ex of Rayane Bensetti. A new victory for the beautiful brunette!