MasterChef Celebrity: Paco Chacón loses the triumph and Germán Montero is the winner of the reality show

Mexico.- MasterChef Celebrity came to an end and was the singer of the regional genre German Montero who won this Friday night in the kitchen reality show.

The dishes that Germán Montero prepared convinced chefs Betty Vázquez, Adrián Herrera Díaz and José Ramón Castillo to crown him as the winner of TV Azteca’s culinary reality show.

Although the former irapuatense referee Paco Chacon He was one of the favorites and he put all his effort into this last chapter, he could not conquer the palate of the judges.

Both Paco Chacón, Paty Navidad and Stephanie Salas surprised with the dishes they presented, worthy of an exclusive restaurant, but Germán’s seasoning and talent surpassed them.

After learning who was the winner, Germán Montero expressed a few words of gratitude.

“I dedicate it to the family, to my fans, to my followers, to my colleagues, definitely what a beautiful family,” he said.

The singer became the first winner of a Celebrity MasterChef in Mexico.

The name of Germán Montero is written in letters of gold in the history of MasterChef of the world ”, he expressed.

For this latest chapter of MasterChef Celebrity, all the other contestants who came out each week in the elimination challenges attended as guests.

Laura Flores, Aristeo Cázares, Tony Balardi, Laura Zapata, José Joel, Aída Cuevas, Mauricio Islas, Alicia Machado, Matilde Obregón, David Salomón, Daniela Alexis “Bebeshita”, Jorge Aravena, Jimena Pérez “La Choco”, Javier Vázquez, Dalú and William Valdés, were from the balcony supporting their companions.

In addition, relatives and friends of the finalists were able to be present to cheer on Paty, Stephanie, Paco and Germán.

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