Masterchef: Jorge Rausch was upset with Nicolás de Zubiría: “I’m sucked”

This Monday, May 9, in the episode of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, a new team challenge was given from Paipa, Boyacá, where the participants had 75 minutes to prepare two snacks, one salty and the other sweet, accompanied by a drink.

In total there were three teams, which were made up of Aida Bossa, ‘Tatán’ Mejía, Aída Morales, Cristina Campuzano and ‘Corozo’ (red team); María Teresa Barreto, Ramiro Meneses, ‘Estiwar G’ and Natalia Ramírez (purple); and Carlos Báez, Manuela González, ‘Chicho’ and Isabella Santiago (blue).

The chefs Nicolás de Zubiría, Christopher Carpentier and Jorge Rausch visited the different teams during the test, but they expressed their concern when they saw that the remaining time was not going to be enough for them. For this reason, each one had to take charge of a team to help prepare the preparations for the diners.

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Having them as supervisors, several participants could not stand the pressure and sometimes collided with each other. One of those who pushed his team the most was De Zubiría, who repeatedly pulled ‘Estiwar G’ for the slowness in serving drinks, he even told him: “As a bartender you starve.”

After the teams presented their preparations to the 31 diners, each one had to deposit a vote in the box of the team that, for them, had the best dish. Finally, Claudia Bahamón finished the vote count and declared the purple team as the winner, led by De Zubiría, gathering 13 votes out of 31; with 9 points tied red and blue.

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This did not go down well with one of his colleagues, who immediately commented: “Nicolás de Zubiría is undefeated… I’m already sucked”, said Jorge Rausch

Seeing the reaction, De Zubiría from Cartagena burst out laughing and sentenced: “Squeeze, daddy, squeeze.” María Teresa Barreto, one of the winners, was clear in mentioning that “things are measured by results and Nicolás has won all the team challenges, there is a reason for that”.

“Meanwhile, Jorge, push because you have to get to work”, added Claudia Bahamon.

Now, ‘Tatán’ Mejía, Aída Morales, Cristina Campuzano, ‘Corozo’, Manuela González, Isabella Santiago and ‘Chicho’ Arias will have to face each other in a new elimination challenge.